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Congratulations on the purchase of real property in the Town of New Baltimore!  I am taking this opportunity to notify you of some pertinent information about assessments and their administration that may be of interest to you as a homeowner in the Town of New Baltimore. 

March 1st is known as Taxable Status Day.  This is the date real property is assessed for the year ahead.*  Any changes to the property after March 1st will be captured in the assessment for the following year.  New construction assessments are placed on the assessment roll based on the market value of the home as of March 1st and this assessment is used to compute the school tax bill issued in September and the county, town, and special district tax bill issued the following January. The market value of the home is determined by using the completion percentage of the construction as of March 1st. If your home is partially complete as of March 1st, the assessment will represent only part of the total assessment when the house is completed.  A partial assessment will be on the roll and increased each year until the home is 100% complete. If your home was assessed as partially complete the percentage of completion should be listed on the Change of Assessment Notice you will receive in early May.  The Assessor can answer questions about the calculation of the percentage of completion.

You are encouraged to view the Town Assessment Roll at the assessor’s office or when Town Hall is open.  We are located at 3809 County Route 51 in Hannacroix approximately 2000 feet on the right from US RT 9W.  Assessment challenges or residential reviews can be heard by the Assessor on specific dates and towns throughout the month of May or at any time by appointment.  If an agreement cannot be reached with the Assessor regarding your assessment, a formal review may be filed with the Board of Assessment Review.  The Town of New Baltimore’s Board of Assessment Review convenes on the 4th Tuesday in May, a date known as “Grievance Day”. The form for challenging your assessment can be obtained at any assessor’s office, the Greene County Real Property Tax Service Office in Catskill, or online at  A worksheet has been posted on the Town Website at for your convenience as a guide to filing a review and how to assemble paperwork for your challenge.

Assessments are based on current market value as of the last town-wide revaluation. New Baltimore’s latest revaluation was in 2005 and the assessments were calculated at 87%* of 2005 market values for our assessments.*

Tax bills are based upon the information that is published on the Final Assessment Roll on July 1st of each year.  Any time your billing address changes; the Assessor’s Office should be notified in writing.  The billing or mailing address on file is the address where the school and property tax bills are mailed.  If your address changes and we are not notified, receipt of your tax bills may be delayed. Tax bills are issued by the school district on or about September 1st and by the Town /Special Districts/Greene County on or about every January 1st. * If you have any questions/concerns regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact the office at 518.756.6671 ext 8.  Office hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Tuesday through Thursday.


Gordon W. Bennett,  IAO
Sole Assessor

For information on how to compare your assessments visit
New York State Taxation and Finance
and review "How to File a Complaint Against Real Property."